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Psychology As a Dazzling Career

Psychology As a Dazzling Career

It is true that there are uncountable number of career options before the youth these days, as never before. It was only till last decade that a student after +12 had to choose between Medical and Engineering for they were conventionally accepted to be the most lucrative as well as highly prestigious careers. Gladly enough, we find a paradigm shift in one’s search for the right and bright career. There exist today great many career opportunities in every field, be it Science, Art, Technology, Language, Literature, Fine Arts, Commerce, Music, Sports, Tourism, Counselling, Career Guidance, Aviation, Defence, Civil Services and Learning& Development.


Against the sea of career options available, it is very interesting to find that Psychology as a career is growing immensely popular among the youth. Is it just a matter of chance that psychology is becoming a sought-after discipline for the students across the country? There are obvious reasons for it. Psychology is the study of mental processes and human behaviour. A degree in Psychology, therefore, empowers the youth by expanding their career options. They become eligible to work both in public and private sectors. At a time when there is a crisis of jobs, they can still get suitable employment in various sectors like education, sports, health care, social work, counselling and therapy. This is perhaps the reason that the demand for trained psychologists is greatly on the rise in India.


There are many courses available for those who wish to have psychology as their career. After +2, one can go for B.Sc. Psychology or a B.A Hons in Psychology. This is a very popular course offered by both Private & Government Universities. Thereafter, one can have a Master Degree in Psychology or can also go for PG Courses offered by many Mental Health Institutes like National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences-Nimhans, Bangalore. Research opportunities in the field of Psychology are aplenty, if you are aspiring to become a clinical psychologist or a professor.


Today, one has the option to go in for a specialization in any one or many fields such as:
Educational Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Positive Psychology, Organizational Behaviour, Psychometrics, Neuroscience, Counselling and Rehabilitation.


The future of psychology as a subject appears to be extremely bright and dazzling, as it helps the students in more ways than one. As a subject, psychology is very interesting to study because it deals with the study of human behaviour and mind. Today, the youth in particular look for logic and reasoning in everything. Moreover, in the wake of the global pandemic called COVID, our society underwent unprecedented pain and trauma.

As a consequence, we understood the importance of mental health. Today, people are suffering from stress and strain. It is a matter of grave concern that anxiety, worry, depression, are among the common symptoms found in both the young and the old. Against this backdrop, Psychology as a subject brings cheers by offering both qualitative and quantitative approaches to the study and deeper understanding of human behaviour, mind and mental wellness.

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