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Data Science: Courses Eligibility, Admission Process, Job Opportunities, And Scope

Data Science: Courses Eligibility, Admission Process, Job Opportunities, And Scope

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a blend of the latest scientific tools and techniques, machine learning principles, and algorithms that assist to discover and investigate the hidden patterns from a raw set of historic data. Data Science Courses are vast and have wide aspects in comparison to Statistics courses.

A statistician’s job is different from a data scientist’s. A statistician’s role is to conduct analysis and processed the history of the data. But on the other hand, A Data Scientist uses the latest and innovative machine learning algorithms to find out the reality behind the occurrence of a particular event in the coming future.

Why Data Science Courses is in Demand?

  • As per a 2018 LinkedIn report, there is a shortage of data scientists in the USA. Almost 1,50,000 data scientist jobs are vacant in the USA, the reason is people don’t possess data scientist skills. While in India, almost 93,000 jobs for the position of the data scientist were vacant. That proves that there is a huge demand for data scientists around the globe, but to hold a data scientist job, people must have the right knowledge and skills of the data scientist course.
  • The data scientist course is one of the demanded courses at present. If we see the pie-chart of the data scientist job, then indeed, it is increasing by almost 29% every year.
  • Those with the right skill set have the ability to earn almost INR 19 lakhs per annum. The pay for this role is very high. In India, the Data Scientist’s job package is more than a software engineer’s.
  • People from varied backgrounds like Engineering, computer science, statistics, or mathematics opt for building a career in Data Scientists. Even people from management and finance backgrounds can start their career as a Data Scientist.

Who Can Pursue Data Science?

  • Anyone can pursue a data science course! It doesn’t matter, what is your specialization? People from varied backgrounds like engineering physics, chemical, economics, statistics, computer science can opt for a data science course.
  • The candidates who are holding bachelor’s degrees in machine learning and statistics are mostly pursuing data science courses.
  • The most important thing that you must require to learn data sciences courses is the basic knowledge of Math and Statistics like Calculus, Linear Algebra, probability, etc.
  • For learning data science courses, you must have a knowledge of programming languages, it is an add-on skill. Programming languages like Java, C, C++ are essential to learning about data science. Python and R programming tools skills are also important.
  • Data scientists must have knowledge about how to write a basic SQL query.
  • For seeking data sciences courses, one must have knowledge and skills in Machine learning.

Job Opportunities in Data Science

The table below showcases different types of data scientists as per their functional performance and area of expertise.

Statistician Data Engineer
Mathematician Machine Learning Scientists
Actuarial Scientist Business Analytics Practitioners
Software Programming Analysts Spatial Data Scientist
Quality Analyst Digital Analytics Consultant

Admission Process

  • Those aspirants seeking admission in the M.Sc Data science course can easily apply by sending an online application to the respective course.
  • Admissions of the candidates are done on the basis of merit.
  • The candidates must have got minimum percentage in their bachelors to get admission in M.Sc Data science course.
  • Further, the shortlisted candidates will call by the institute to fill out the information related to admissions like document verification and fee payment.

Scope of Data Science

We are living in the 21st century, and this century is ruled by data! Yes, this is the reality! Data has turned around the table and become the blood of this technological era. The upsurge of data will go to dictate the world in coming years, all the credit goes to digital media platforms, information technology, and smartphones.

In the present era, data scientists are the backbone of our country. They study customer behaviour and algorithms and create data that spoke about customers. Data Scientists with their knowledge, build customized recommendation charts.

The Data Scientist can build their career in three sectors:

  • Health care sector
  • Transport Sector
  • E-commerce

If you are ready to become a Data Scientist, you have a bright future ahead.

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