Is Education Your Privilege or Right?

Is Education Your Privilege or Right?

What is Education? Think for once! It is like a plant seed that needs efforts to nourish and flourish with time. Do you want education to grow and flourish?. We must set the best conditions. We must understand that it is our legal right to get a quality education.

Education is not something that is accessible to all. Education must be provided to all the youths, adults, and children. Education is not a privilege, given by the government, it is the right of everyone- Children, youth, and adults.

What is there on paper is different from reality? Take a look around you one country out of 5 countries legally provides a guarantee to give free and compulsory education for 12 years. So are we living in the right country? Is free education provided to every child, youth, and adult in India? The majority of the people are not getting free education, are not aware of their educational rights.

We have marked the 70th year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But it is sad to know that 262 million children are out of school around the globe and, around 750 million adults and youths don’t know how to read and write. This is something unacceptable, countries should be aware of their rights and give them the access to welcome the seed of education in their life.

After such a devastating condition of people, UNESCO has taken a great initiative. They have launched a brand new campaign, the #RightToEducation Digital Campaign. The concern of the organization is to put a focus on this critical issue. And aware countries that they must take the right to education as the priority and spread education.

According to UNESCO, there can be many things that will block the road. Like legal, social, economic, and cultural barriers. But, countries must eliminate the barriers and ensure that they must sign up to all the international agreements and conventions and put them into practice. And, they must be accountable for their work.

Is Free Education available in your country?

Now, you people know that education is your legal right guarded by law and guaranteed to all by your respective state. So is your country advancing this right? Yes, you can check by visiting UNESCO’s global observatory. It will give you information about 195 countries that are part of UNESCO.

What can you do? You must take the initiative and be a part of UNESCO’s campaign. Let us speak for the voiceless.

You Can Make a Difference

Everyone can do something and can bring change. If you are a teacher, parent, journalist, lawyer, policy-makers, or belonging to any field. You tend to change the mindset, spread awareness about educational rights, share powerful messages, support peers, and influence decision-making.

Do you know your everyday effort can have a big impact? We have some ideas for you, use social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others and raise your voice.

Think of some out-of-the-box ideas about how to spread awareness about the right to education. Your effort can grow the seed of education and, one day your effort will transform the seed into fruits.

Comment your thoughts about the right to education? Tell us as an individual what you will do to bring a change in society. Your initiative matters a lot! It doesn’t matter if you are a homemaker or a Doctor or Engineer. With your initiative, you can raise the voice of the voiceless. So are you ready to bring a change?

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