Fundamental Tips To Ensure Long-Term Continued Motivation in MBA Grads

Fundamental Tips To Ensure Long-Term Continued Motivation in MBA Grads

Prof. Namita Ruparel
School of Business, Woxsen University

Master’s in Business Administration/ Post-graduate diploma in Management or for that matter, any masters courses are usually a two-year program wherein, the students are expected to transform into industry professionals in due course of time. The demands of the course placed on students require them to perform consistently, while maintaining grades, preparing for the job markets and completing the course requisites. In such instances, staying motivated to perform well may turn out as a challenge to numerous students. 

In this article, I discuss a few aspects to practice to stay focused and consistent to perform to the best of the capability of the student. 

  1. Mindfulness – understood as being present in the moment, acceptance of the present, living the moment without judgement. Take it one step at a time. Focus on completing one task which is in alignment with the bigger goal of getting a degree and a good job. 
  2. Time Management – set a timeline for short-term tasks as well as long-term tasks. Make a routine for self-study and completion of course components. 
  3. Build an interest in the subjects – start enjoying reading and working on assignments. In that way, it will feel less stressful and more playful. 
  4. Rejuvenate – in the routine you set for yourself, keep at least 30-60 minutes for activities you enjoy. Such as, dancing, singing, exercise (yoga, gym and so on). Basically dedicate time to do an activity you love. 
  5. Remember why you started the course in the first place. Keeping in mind the intent of initiating the course will always help you stay focused and give you perspective to plan out things in a better manner 
  6. Benchmark yourself. Keep an intent to challenge your own capabilities and improve on them. The golden rule here is “Do not compare yourself with anyone else”. 
  7. Keep a long term career goal. This aids short-term plans, in terms of finding internships in the desired domain of future interest. 
  8. Support your peers and work with them in coherence. It is agreeable that journey of having a master’s in business administration can be taxing and keeping to yourself may help you stay focused. It is also true that friends are the reason the process becomes easier. Add meaning and value to the friendships so you can learn and grow better. 
  9. Practice the concept of flow. Flow is being absorbed in your work task that you lose track of time and space. Doing your tasks with flow not only makes you perform better but also makes one feel content. 
  10. Anything you take up, give it your complete attention and best shot. 

Adapting one or more of the above mentioned criteria will foster students motivation to continue and complete their work and excel in their endeavours. 

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