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Top 9 Online Data Science Courses 2021 Guide and Reviews

Top 9 Online Data Science Courses 2021 Guide and Reviews

Data Science finds extensive application in modern-day businesses, as it encompasses the tools, algorithms, and acumen of mathematics and business science to curate raw data into business insights. Organizations are employing data scientists extensively to analyze large and complex data volumes. The following are the top online data science courses 2021 to help aspirants find the best jobs and a prospective career.

1. Data Science and Machine Learning Essentials – Microsoft:

This course is a mix of theory and practical knowledge and introduces the aspirant to the core concepts, terminology, and other statistical techniques such as clustering, regression, and classification tools to build and evaluate models.

2. Introduction to data science – By Alison:

This is a completely free course that breaks down the core topics of data science and introduces machine learning in three modules. It also covers all programming languages, visualization tools, and techniques such as clustering and regression models.

3. Data science in practice – An online Bootcamp by Data science initiative:

This boot camp aims to cover the different aspects of data science with hands-on exercises and industrial use cases. Their major modules encompass practical machine learning, data analysis, large-scale machine learning, practical machine learning, and business perspectives of data science.

4. Learn Data science – Dataquest:

Dataquest renders a lot of free modules on essential topics such as visualizing data, working with data, data mining, constructing algorithms in Python and R. There are also monthly subscription options for certification.

5. Data Science Course by Harvard:

The class materials and the lectures for the data science by Harvard are made free and easily available online so that the students can study them at their own pace. The course is detailed and technical to master the data science course and concentrates on core fields such as programming, statistics, maths, etc.

6. Introduction to data science in Python – University of Michigan:

Python is the most commonly used programming language in data science and it is relatively simple to learn. It can also be combined with several free and open-source programs to create powerful data science operations. This course serves as a first step in introducing python function to manipulate and prepare big datasets, and also to extract insights from data. 

7. Data Science Specialization by JHU:

This is the most enrolled-in course series for data science and it includes the complete section of statistics, as this is mandatory to learn data science. The course is a mix of theory and applications in data science and is taught through the R programming language.

8. Introduction to Data science – Metis:

This is a highly rated course online and is taught online by data scientists from top organizations. This is a six-week-long data science course, that covers everything in the data science process. This is a live course and entities the participant with a certificate upon completion of the course. The instructor takes classes twice a week along with doubt clearing sections.

9. Statistics and data science micro masters – MIT:

This is a popular data science course from MIT that includes probability and statistics to understand data science intuitively. The course diverts much light on the statistical content and is pretty much advanced and be attempted through python programming and single and multivariate calculus.

Bottom Line:

Data science is a vast and rewarding course that opens up great career opportunities. People require a lot of skills, knowledge, and passion to become an effective data scientist, and these top 9 data sciences courses help in solving their quest for a great career path.

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