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Trending Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Jobs for Freshers in India

Trending Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Jobs for Freshers in India

Cryptocurrency has been floating around the globe for several years, but in recent years it has gained immense popularity. Today, everyone is investing in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies available in the market. This rise is expected to inflate over the next few years due to the effortless nature, accessibility and security of the digital currency. The foundation of Cryptocurrency and the technology that makes it so phenomenal is Blockchain.

Blockchain is the most foolproof technology around, which is why it is used to make huge Cryptocurrency transactions across borders. Simply put, blockchain creates a series of blocks that are spread across a network of computers. These blocks are so intricately tied together that the information stored inside them becomes impregnable because to alter even one block one would require breaking the entire encrypted system. With the help of block chain, security becomes unrivalled to banks where cybersecurity continues to be a troublesome issue. Cryptocurrency also reduces middlemen; there are minimal government interventions that drastically reduce unnecessary transactional charges.

With the popularity of Cryptocurrency in the market, it is anticipated that a large number of job opportunities will materialize in the fields of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency. The jobs in this field aren’t limited to engineering and finance but are just as vast as Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Here’s a list of blockchain jobs in India that are highly in demand:

1. Blockchain Software Developer: With a degree in IT or Computer Science Engineering, one can chose to become a software developer. They create decentralized applications (DAPPS) that run on blockchain.

2. Core Blockchain Developer: This job is more architecture inclined the developer is expected to design and maintain the networking of the blockchain according to protocols and keep it as secure as possible.

3. Risk Analyst: With a degree in business or finance one can consider becoming a Risk Analyst. They assess the chances of risk along with government enterprises. They also try to maintain a balance between local and government laws.

4. Legal Consultant: Cryptocurrency is under the government’s scrutiny, and in order to keep a legal and fair structure for the distribution of coins, every company requires a legal consultant.

As we narrow down, there are several trending Cryptocurrency jobs in India for freshers:

1. Cryptocurrency Community Manager: With a good understanding of marketing and communications one can pursue a career in the Cryptocurrency market. Community managers track and analyze engagement. They also answer client queries.

2. Data Scientist: Cryptocurrency is a fairly new field and often misunderstood, therefore to streamline the information it is necessary to have data scientists who can study transactional data, which will eventually better the experience for the common public.

3. Technical Writer: Today Cryptocurrency is being developed by multinational companies; they distribute this in the form of tokens. Therefore, information about all these new Cryptocurrencies are required, currently, there are more than 4000 Cryptocurrencies in the world. Therefore a good grasp on the English language, understanding of social media and extensive knowledge about Cryptocurrency are helpful for a job in the Crypto market.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are eventually to become the trending topic in the job industry, there will be several new jobs popping up and it is definitely a place to look into for freshers with all backgrounds from technical to marketing and business.

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