Google Word Coach- Play a Word Fun Game, Quiz & Vocabulary Builder

Google Word Coach- Play a Word Fun Game, Quiz & Vocabulary Builder

What is Google Word Coach?

Google word coach is an excellent tool that helps people to equip their English vocabulary and learn new words in English. With the help of these tools, access to new and difficult English words becomes easy on the go. The best part of this tool is that it has been designed in the form of a game quiz, helping people to improve their language skills and comprehension interestingly.

Gaining Access to the Google Word Coach:

The google word coach can be accessed under the Dictionary and the translation boxes of the website. We can also access the tool by typing google word search or word search in the search box. In some instances, the google word coach can also appear when we search the meaning of any word in the browser.

How Google Word Coach is different from other Google services?

It only takes a minute to start the English classes by typing ‘Google Word Coach’ on the browser of the smartphone. The improvisation by Google in adding word coach is a step in enhancing its algorithm so that Google users always feel engaged and inclined towards learning. It is worth noting here that google already has a treasury and dictionary to help users find the answers for their query in one click. Though Google coach is one of the tools, it aims in making the vocabulary better through a fun, interesting, and easy-to-use app.

The tool was launched in the year 2018 and appeals to both experts and beginners in English. It helps people to get acquainted with all the new English words, as they keep evolving. With the Google word coach in hand, the need for an additional English learning trainer app is eliminated. The tool was launched in a majority of non-English speaking countries, including India and is soon expected to expand to other countries and other languages, as well.

When the users answer the questions correctly, they will earn reward points for that and they make an incorrect answer, then Google will provide a detailed explanation of why the answer is wrong and also gives the right answer with an explanation. The app can be launched on the mobile phone home screen and this eliminates the need for repeated sign-in attempts.

How to download and use the Google word coach?

It is not possible to download google word coach app as it is available only for mobile browsers. To use the app, we only have to search for it in Google and it will be ready to use instantly. Follow these steps to use the app wisely.

  1. Open google word coach from the google browser.
  2. The app will start to show a question with two answer options. It could be either text or picture questions.
  3. Choose the right option and if you do not know the answer, then you are free to skip the question as well.
  4. Then the next question will then appear on the screen.
  5. The first round of the game has a total of five questions.
  6. Points will be awarded after giving every correct answer.
  7. The questions will get tougher as the game level increases. The total score will be awarded after every round is completed.

It is possible to share the scores with family and friends with the help of social media sites such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and Email by clicking on the share button.

When the player chooses to close or exit the browser, then the score care will be made completely blank and the user has to start from score 0 if they have to come back again to play. The user can also check the detailed explanation of every single question asked, for better understanding. To access the explanation session, the users have to click on the drop-down arrow that is available with every question.

Bottom Line:

The ultimate aim of the google word coach app is to deploy a fun and interesting way to learn new English words and is deployed for non-English speaking countries to start with. Learning happens through a funny game, encouraging children, students, and adults to master the English vocabulary easily.

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