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Archaeology Career Options: Courses Eligibility, Admission Process, Job Opportunities And Scope in 2021

Archaeology Career Options: Courses Eligibility, Admission Process, Job Opportunities And Scope in 2021

What is Archaeology?

Archaeology is defined as the study of the ancient human past via their material remains. This subject is a sub-disciple of Anthropology, which means the study of different human cultures. Archaeologists are the experts that deal in Archaeology. It is basically known as an inter-disciplinary activity, which investigates the material development that is made through past human societies. The main objective of this subject is to do a core study of past human cultures via surveys, identification, and excavation of the historical sites. Archaeology is a multidisciplinary activity that teaches you a varied range of subjects like anthropology, art history, geology, linguistics, ethnology, physics, history, and statistics.

Archaeologists make use of their experience and knowledge from diverse fields like social, physical, humanities, and biological sciences. Even, they have observed the different ways of prehistoric societies across the globe. Archaeologists also study varied aspects like customs, values, and social patterns about varied human cultures for the research purpose. Many innovative technologies and sophisticated tools are used and applied by Archaeologists in their research work.

Eligibility to become an Archaeologist

If any candidate wants to take up the undergraduate course in Archaeology/ Ancient History or History, the candidate must have at least 45-50% in their 12th class from a recognized board.

If the candidate wants to pursue a master’s degree in Archaeology, It is mandatory to score at least 50% or above in an undergraduate degree.

Some of the universities organize their entrance examination, Students have to qualify for the entrance exam to get admission to M.A Archaeology.

Employment Industry/Sector for an Archaeologist

After acquiring the necessary skills and qualifications, Archaeologists are ready to take up their job, they can opt for various jobs and good positions in the private as well as Government sector. Though, the Government sector is ahead in providing better job opportunities to archaeologists in comparison to the private sector. Here is the list of the organizations, where you can work and initiate with your career:

  • Indian Council of Historical Research
  • National Heritage Agencies
  • National Museums
  • Archaeological Survey of India
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Government and Private Museums

Top Recruiting Agencies for Archaeologists

Almost all Archaeologist vacancies are found in the Government sector. The following are the available organizations, that do the recruitment of archaeologists:

  • At both the state and central level, The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is the main recruiter, who recruits some of the brilliant minds every year. If you are one of the aspirants, you must clear the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination or SPSC (State Public Service Commission) to get a job in a government organization.
  • If you have completed your master’s degree in Archaeology, you can apply for the professor/ Lecturer position in varied universities. To become a professor or lecturer, you have to clear NET ( National Eligibility Test).


Name of course Course level Duration 
BA Ancient History Graduate 3 years
BA Archaeology Graduate 3 years
MA Archaeology Masters 2 years
Ph.D. Archaeology Ph.D. Program 3 years

Other courses in Archaeology

Course Name Duration
Certificate in Epigraphy 1 year
Certificate in Archaeology 1year
Certificate in Architecture and Sculpture 1 year
Advanced Diploma in Epigraphy 1 year
Post Graduate Diploma in Archaeology 1 year

Salary/ Pay Scale of Archaeologist

Job Profile of Archaeologists Starting Salary per annum Mid Level Salary
Archaeologists ( Government) INR 3,50,000 INR 6,00,000
Documentation Specialist INR 2,60,000 INR 3,60,000
Lecturer INR 2,50,000 INR 4,00,000
Palaeontologist INR 3,50,000 INR 7,00,000
Museum/Gallery Officer INR 1,50,000 3,00,000
Assistant Archaeologist INR 2,00,000 INR 4,00,000

Skills needed to become an Archaeologist

  • Zeal and Enthusiasm to learn about the skills and development in the field.
  • Well-organized approach
  • Great work skills
  • Self-focus and motivation
  • Good communication skills and ability to work effectively with seniors
  • Dedication for your work
  • Good IT skills
  • Must have interest in Archaeology

Advantage of becoming an Archaeologist

Those who want to utilize their skills in finding the unraveling mysteries of India’s past, You, are perfect for this ideal profession.

An Archaeologist gains his status and reputation in society. Their famous discovery helps to find out our ancient past.

Scope of Career as an Archaeologist

Archaeologists are the artist, who works with their skills to find out the hidden secret of our ancient time and let us know how we have arrived as a creature. There are many buried questions, who can be answered by Archaeologist.

Our Country has a rich cultural heritage, so there is a higher demand for archaeologists. As an archaeologist, you can enter various private and government sectors. Aspirants can find great job opportunities in government or privately owned museums to keep museums upkeep and safe.

If aspirants have a keen interest in grabbing knowledge about the past of the animals, humans, or civilization, you can work as an Archaeologist. Even Archaeologists can work as heritage managers, tourist guides, trip organizers or you can do research work in colleges and universities.

Top Jobs which you will get in this degree are:

  • Archaeologist
  • Museum/gallery curator
  • Historic buildings inspector
  • Lecturer
  • Museum education officer
  • Documentation Specialist

It’s the right time to be an Archaeologist! Live your dreams, nourish your skills and get admission to top colleges that teaches Archaeology as a subject. Check out the IIRF Archaeology Ranking Colleges 2021.

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