Top 30 Architecture Colleges (Private)

The profession of an Architect involves designing buildings, communities, open areas, and other artificial constructions and environments, typically with proper regard to functionality and aesthetics. Architecture also comprises designing of furnishings and decorations.

The courses of architecture are generally a mix of engineering, arts, and technology essential to the field. Having good drawing skills is one of the most basic requirements for this field. Various courses are offered at different levels in this field, B.Arch. spanning over 5 years being the most prominent programme. The candidates can also register for COA (Council of Architecture) on completion of this course.

From the elaborate design work in the Bhimbetka caves to the high-rise skyscrapers adorning the modern-day city-skylines, Indian architecture always has been the envy of the world. Indian architects have been in high demand after globalisation, even for multinational companies. With such strong a trend we often see Indian architecture freshers being paid in crores.

To keep up with the trend, many numbers of architectural institutions have emerged in the country. Some of the private colleges are standing toe-to-toe with the leading government colleges. If you are an aspiring architect you should go through the list of best private architecture colleges in India as well to maximise your chances of studying at one of the best institutes. IIRF has done the job easier for you by ranking the best 30 architecture colleges in India 2021.

Find your college from the top 30 architecture colleges in India 2021!

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