How to Plan Your Summer for College Admissions for 2021-22

How to Plan Your Summer for College Admissions for 2021-22

Stepping into a college marks the beginning of a new chapter in any student’s life. The transformation from school to college or university is significant, as you start the higher-education journey and get prepared for professional life. This is the stage where crucial decisions are made regarding the college and the course that you choose. This is the time to show your true mettle and do the maximum effort for a stellar performance in the entrance examinations, group discussions, written rounds, and personal interviews by Top colleges in India. Also, you have to put your best step forward for getting admission to the college of your choice that will give you an edge.

Planning your Summer for International College Admissions:

Planning your Summer for International College Admissions

Most of the international colleges accept forms many months before the session starts. After you have been shortlisted based on your entrance exam marks, you will be called for further selection rounds. Starting August/ September, the application process to most colleges in the UK and US begins and ends by January. So, your summer vacation will be a great chance for preparing for the application filling process. An SOP has to be prepared which will tell any university why you want to study there and what value you will be able to add as a scholar. During the summers, students can engage in the following activities to get ready for admissions:

Get involved in activities: Many activities can be beneficial when you are going for admission to an international university. Be it a sport, or social service activities, your dedication towards the activity, involvement in it, and effort to improve your skill will show through in your application form. Remember not to mention or mark any activity in the admission form just for the sake of it. You must write about it only if it is a genuine interest or hobby.

Get to know about colleges: During summers, you can get detailed information about the colleges abroad that you wish to join. How is the campus, what facilities are available, what are the accommodation arrangements and expenses, what will be your courses and who will be the faculty- all these questions can be answered by discussing them with the current students, checking the college websites and other related authorized online sources. The information you can collect during the summers will help you to make the best decision when it comes to choosing which colleges you want to apply to. After all, filling in multiple forms is a costly affair and you must be sure about your intention to go and study when applying.

Think about application essay/ covering letter: Along with the application form, most colleges ask for a covering letter, letter of intent (LoI), or statement of purpose (SoP). When you are free during vacations, you can do detailed research about how to draft them most impressively, providing maximum information that is meaningful to the university. You can even search for consultants who will help you in writing these essays and filling the form perfectly.

How to Prepare in Summers for Indian Colleges:

How to Prepare in Summers for Indian Colleges

If you wish to take admission to any of the Best Universities in India, summer vacation is the best time to give a final push to your preparation for various entrance exams. You will also need to keep a tab on the dates of filling forms for exams. During this time, you can also enhance your skills for Group Discussions and Interviews, which form a vital part of the admission process. Many training institutes provide specialized classes for GD and PI.

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