Best Extracurricular Activities for College Applications

Best Extracurricular Activities for College Applications

Do you only count the certificates and laurels you earn for your studies as your asset when going for admission to a college? You better turn your attention to some extracurricular activities as it counts a lot. Most of the higher education institutions are interested in more than just academic records. They want to assess what is the overall personality of a candidate they are admitting. Are you taking initiative, showing leadership skills, being a team player, and improving your talent?

Best Extracurricular Activities for College Applications

The new age Top universities in India appreciate the traits shown through extracurricular activities as they want to admit students who will enhance the image of the college through additional skills. Moreover, higher education is mostly meant for professional training, and a thorough professional needs to be adept at skills like teamwork, leadership, and innovation. So, highlight the following extracurricular activities when you are submitting college applications:

Sports activities: If you were part of the school team, at the junior or high-school level, mention that. It will be better if you can show growth as a player, or rise in position within the team. Any important matches and your contribution must be highlighted. Sports are considered good for enhancing alertness, teamwork, and stamina; things that all colleges appreciate. If your targeted college also has similar sports teams then it will be an added advantage.

Dramatics/ Literary Clubs: There are often such clubs in schools, which give a chance to students to showcase and enhance their talents. Being part of theatre makes you confident and improves speaking skills. Literary clubs hone your communication, writing, and reading habits. If you were part of the editorial team of a school magazine or participated in a college fest or competitions related to these domains, it is worth mentioning in your application.

Social Service: The Top colleges in India make CSR a part of their student activities. Some cells help street children or older people either on their own or in association with NGOs. If you have participated actively or led such movements in your school, this will earn brownie points for you when you go for college admission. It reflects your empathy and power to take initiative.

Innovation Clubs: Science clubs have now made their place in several schools. Try being a part of such clubs if you are interested in pursuing science subjects in your college. Showcasing innovation and working on projects independently will make it a lot easier for you to gain admission to top universities in India, as they emphasize research and original ideas. Research and incubation cells that are a significant part of college life will be happy to have candidates who can add value with experience.

If you aim for admission to a reputed college in a few years and still haven’t taken up any extracurricular activity, now is a good time to start. Hence, don’t just be a bookworm; go ahead and choose activities that will count when making your college application.

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